Name: Salma Hatim

Being part of the ZIM team has been the most rewarding and life-changing experience for me. The project is a great way to promote global citizenship and spread social awareness in our community. In addition to being a learning tool, our involvement in ZIM enabled us to make a difference in other people’s lives. In fact, my trip to Southeast Asia changed my perspective on life and on what’s most important; we are all part of the same globe, we must take advantage of any opportunity we have to support those in need!

– Salma Hatim, Controller


Name: Toan Pham

– Toan Pham, Administrator

Public Relations

Name: Nici Wright

– Nici Wright, Public Relations

Board of Advisory

Name: Jose Pablo Ramirez

This project I believe is something very special. In a world that every day is getting smaller and smaller, I believe we are in a position to do things that can help a lot of people. With the internet and today’s technology I believe no one is too far away to help, and with all the great tools around us we as global citizens have a responsibility to help even our most distant of neighbors.

-Jose Pablo Ramirez, Board of Advisory


Name: Long S. Le

ZiMB believes no one is too far to help. In so many ways, “globalization makes us neighbors.” Thereby, ZiMB’s purpose is to empower our neighbors through zero interest loans, so as not to put them further in debt.

– Long S. Le, Co-Founder

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