Zero Interest Microfinance

Hoa and Mang



Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa and Mr. Dang Cong Mang


Group 29, An Hoi Block, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City

Amount of Loan

VND 3,000,000 ($150 USD)

Repayment Period

10 months

Reason for Loan

Pay off high interest debt taken out for a medical operation

Local NGO

Children’s Education Foundation


Hoa and Mang request $150 (USSD) to pay off an old loan they made to pay for an operation to remove a breast tumor that Hoa had two years ago. This will allow them to pay off the old loan in one lump sum. With the old loan paid off, Hoa and Mang will feel less financial stress and will have more financial resource to invest in their children’s education. Hoa and Mang believe that they can pay off the new loan in 10 months at $15 (USD) per month. Children’s Education Foundation (CEF) is the local NGO who will administer the loan with 0% interest rate. A contract between CEF and Hoa/Mang will be signed and repayments will be collected on a regular basis. Hoa and Mang has been a client of CEF for a couple of years.


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