Zero Interest Microfinance

Thoa and Khanh



Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa and Mr. Dang Minh Khanh


Group 35, Dong Hiep Block, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City

Amount of Loan

VND 5,000,000 ($250 USD)

Repayment Period

13 months

Reason for Loan

Pay off high interest debt

Local NGO

Children’s Education Foundation


Some years ago Thoa and Khanh received a loan from a charity for a small fishing boat so they would have a greater income. The loan wasn’t nearly enough so they had to borrow $250 (USD) for the remainder of the purchase and nets.  In other words, the charity’s loan put them in a situation where they had to take on a new loan, which they had to pay large monthly interest payments of $13 (USD).  Thus, Thoa and Khanh would like a micro loan of $250 (USD) and would like to pay it off over 13 months. Children’s Education Foundation (CEF) is the local NGO who will administer the loan with 0% interest rate. A contract between CEF and Thoa/Khanh will be signed and repayments will be collected on a regular basis.  Thoa and Khanh has been a client of CEF for a couple of years.


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