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Our Story

The story of ZiM Coffee begins in the Northern Forest of Chiapas Mexico, where 341 local family farmers come together to grow coffee of the Arabica, Typica, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo varieties. This coffee is shade-grown-organic with no agrochemicals used, ensuring great biodiversity in our coffee plantation and our coffee bean quality.

In collaboration with students from Santa Clara University and Capeltic Café, we leverage our profits and reinvest them as zero interest loans, empowering the financial capital of these indigenous farmers and their families. Our mission is to facilitate social conditions for such farming communities to reach fulfillment more fully and easily.

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ZiM aims to promote financial inclusion by providing zero-interest loans and growing financial knowledge to create a sustainable global world.

Our Process


Continuous fundraising by Bay Area students and community members generates revenue. 


Revenues are donated to Zero-Interest Microfinance (ZiM).

ZiM finds loan recipients through community engagement.


ZiM collaborates with international organizations to manage and assess the distribution of loans.

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Contact ZiM

2874 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127

Long Le (Director of ZiM):

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