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Green Hills


Welcome to ZiM, a student-run social enterprise that strives to promote greater financial access and economic inclusion through zero-interest microfinance and global education initiatives.

The Power of Zero Interest

Meeting the World's Needs

Continuous fundraising by Santa Clara University students and community members generates revenue to fund zero-interest microloans, empowering entrepreneurs to learn new financial skills and grow their small businesses. Greater economic opportunities and increased financial independence pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable world. 

Microfinance Reimagined

Too many small-scale micro-entrepreneurs have little choice but to take out loans with interest rates of more than 35 percent. This has pushed micro-entrepreneurs around the world into further debt, making it more difficult for them to work their way of poverty. 


Zero-Interest Microfinance (ZiM) catalyzes the discipline of profit-making while serving humanity to ensure the unbanked are receiving ethical and meaningful microfinance services. 


We focus on borrowers at the bottom of the economic pyramid, helping to develop the profitability of micro-entrepreneurs at or near the poverty line, as well as advance borrower protection standards—even when regulations are not in place. 

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