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Microfinance Explained

Small Loans for Underserved Entrepreneurs

Microfinance describes financial services provided to entrepreneurs and small businesses who lack access to traditional banking services. Microloans allow these unbanked individuals to gain access to necessary capital to expand their businesses. It is also imperative that small entrepreneurs further develop their finance and business skills prior to and during the microloan process.


To ensure this happens, we identify seasoned social enterprises around the world that are commited to educating and empowering new and existing micro-entrepreneurs. With these partnerships, ZiM loans are directly accompanied by financial education and business training to prevent debt accumulation and truly uplift people out of poverty.

The Power of Zero Interest

A Different Approach to Microfinance

Today, the extreme poor are often forced to start with high interest loans of up to 90%, then gradually work their way down to 40% and 20% interest loans. ZiM aims to disrupt this structure by allowing entrepreneurs at or below the poverty line to begin with zero-interest loans. We think of our loans as applying 0% APR to the extreme poor. In other words, for an initial period of time, these entrepreneurs have the opportunity to grow their small businesses and learn critical financial skills until they are more prepared to take on reasonable interest rates from credit unions or community banks. 

Financial Education

We believe in the power of financial education.

Check back soon to learn more about our upcoming financial literacy initiatives.



80k in zero-interest loans since 2017

90% of borrowers are women 

12 unique social enterprises represented

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