Zero Interest Microfinance
Empowering People with Dignity Empowering People with Dignity ZiMB was among the supporting organizations who collaborated with Global Dignity in promoting the idea that all individuals have the right to lead a dignified life.
Pacific Links Foundation Pacific Links focuses on early childhood education through school building and teacher training workshops. ZiMB is engaging with Pacific Links on how to provide rural areas with more dedicated preschool teachers. Pacific Links Foundation
VinaCapital Foundation VinaCapital Foundation Don Lam -- Chairman of the Board of VinaCapital Foundation -- talked to members of ZiMB. The discussion includes social investment and how NGOs and SEs would need to create a return for social investors.
Blue Dragon Children's Foundation Blue Dragon is a leading NGO that believes street kids can be rescued, educated, and lifted out of poverty. ZiMB is engaging with Blue Dragon on their project to empower ethnic minorities in Dien Bien. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation
ERC Institute Vietnam ERC Institute Vietnam ERC is a private education provider, training the next generation of business leaders in Vietnam. ERC hosted a seminar for ZiMB on how SEs can improve the lives of Vietnamese coffee farmers, including microfinance.
ZiMB Handmade Soap Members of ZiMB from City University of Hong Kong want to thank those who purchased our environmental-friendly Handmade Soap at Saigon Flea Market. Your purchase helps to sustain our zero interest loans. ZiMB Handmade Soap
With Your Support, A House Was Built With Your Support, A House Was Built During a flood in Hoi An a few years back, Thoa's family lost their house and sunk further in poverty. Through two loans from ZiMB, Thoa's family is back on their feet with a secure house in Cam Ha commune.
Advancing the Research on Zero Interest Loans ZiMBank along with our partners in Malaysia has published an article on the feasibility of zero interest financing. Click to Read. Advancing the Research on Zero Interest Loans
ZiMBank in Action We visited and worked with Vietnamese farmers in Dalat. This led us to develop ZiMbean - a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Your purchase of ZiMbean helps to sustain our mission.
What is Global Citizenship? “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” - Thomas Paine, American Revolutionary (AD 1776)
Thank You for a successful Campaign Thank You for a successful Campaign The Think Globally, Act Locally challenge is now finished. The ZiMB team wants to extend a sincere Thank You to everyone that helped out.
A Trip That Brings Change This is one of our member's videos that portrays the experience of going Abroad...

Study Abroad- Southeast Asia from Jeremy Hayes on Vimeo.

Make A Dream Come True Make A Dream Come True Education in Cambodia isn't affordable to all. Only an average of 26% of children are able to start lower secondary school, and a minimal 9% of children are able to start upper secondary school. Become A Global Citizen "As members of a world where distance and borders become less of an obstacle to building relationships, the practice of being a global citizen should not only be a priority but a standard." Become A Global Citizen